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EPDM and supplies

EPDM Pakket
EPDM Package all-in-one - Black
Sale priceFrom 183,34
Save 25%
Doe-het-zelf Daktrim 57x45
Do-it-yourself roof trim EPDM 57x45
Sale priceFrom 15,40 Regular price19,26
EPDM Contact Adhesive (4 sizes)
EPDM Contact Adhesive (4 sizes)
Sale priceFrom 19,66

The EPDM roof supplier

At Rooftopshop we attach great importance to the relationship with our customers. To provide our customers with the best possible guidance in processing our products, we have several installation manuals in our knowledge base! Our knowledge base contains various installation manuals and informative blogs to guide you. Moreover, at Rooftopshop we also offer personal support to our customers. Our expert team is ready to answer questions, provide advice and resolve any issues that may arise during the processing process.

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EPDM Package

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Hoelang moet EPDM (Lijm) drogen?

How long does EPDM (glue) need to dry?

LijmenJoran Brandi
Daktrimmen: Onmisbaar voor een duurzaam dak

Roof trimming: Essential for a sustainable roof

DaktrimmenPepijn uit de Bulten

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Rooftopshop is a store that specializes in roofing materials and offers a wide range of EPDM products.

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At the Rooftopshop we understand that your time is valuable. That is why we provide high-quality materials, easy ordering and fast delivery. We offer extensive advice when necessary, so that you can concentrate on realizing great projects and satisfying your customers. Visit our business page for more information about a collaboration or call us directly.

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Rooftopshop, number 1 in EPDM roofing

Are you curious about the possibilities of providing your roof with EPDM yourself? Then you have come to the right place at Rooftopshop. Thanks to our experience, we have been able to specialize in the field of EPDM roofing and everything that comes with it. Furthermore, Rooftopshop's extensive range also offers a wide range of EPDM roof penetrations including the necessary accessories. Discover the many benefits that EPDM roofing offers and enjoy a beautiful roof for years to come.

Rooftopshop is always there for you

Rooftopshop stands for A-quality. Our team consists of enthusiastic people with experience that guarantees you the best quality. Our products are available quickly, so you can get started quickly. Order all your roofing supplies quickly and easily online at Rooftopshop . We strive to deliver the order as soon as possible. In short, plenty of reasons to purchase your EPDM products from Rooftopshop.

Why EPDM roofing?

EPDM roofing is lightweight and provides a waterproof finish to a flat roof or roof with a slight slope. Installing EPDM roofing foil is generally not a complicated job. So you don't have to be a professional roofer. EPDM roofing foil is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. It is a strong and durable product with excellent elasticity. A roof with EPDM roofing has a minimum lifespan of 50 years.

Wide range of roof trims

Roof trims can be used when you want to finish a roof edge. Roof trims are placed at the edge of the roof and provide a neat finish to the roof. Rooftopshop has a wide range of roof trims. We have normal roof trims but also bead trims that provide a decorative effect. Rooftopshop has several variants, both for bitumen roofs and EPDM roofs. For mounting on EPDM roofs, use MS Polymer kit and screws with neoprene ring for a waterproof finish

Rooftopshop offers more than just EPDM

You can go to Rooftopshop for EPDM, but Rooftopshop offers more than just EPDM. We also supply all the supplies you need to install your EPDM foil yourself. For example, we offerEPDM glue & sealant for mounting roof penetrations and attaching your roof covering. We also offer EPDM packages, these EPDM packages are equipped with all the necessities so that you can get started right away. You can put together your complete package in just a few steps.

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