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Install your roof trim yourself? In this installation manual we show how to install a roof trim on an EPDM roof for a beautiful finish and optimal protection. Correct installation of the roof trim is essential to prevent leaks. Follow the steps below carefully!

Step 1: Laying EPDM

Of course, the whole process starts with laying the roof covering. Once this is done you can start finishing the roof. Make sure that the EPDM foil is 1 centimeter longer than the roof edge.

Step 2: Start at the corners

We recommend starting at one of the corners. You still need to pre-drill this. Approximately 10 cm from the corner and approximately 10 cm from it both ends. (4 screws per corner)

Step 2.1: Sealing the corners

Are you going to install the roof trim corner? Make sure you apply a layer of MS Polymer sealant to the roof trim corner. Finally, press this corner, including the kit, onto the roof. A watertight connection is then created. Make sure the holes are still visible.

Step 2.2: Attaching roof trim screws + Corner mounting

Now that you have pre-drilled the holes and applied the kit to the roof trim, it is time to begin the initial installation of the corner.

Press the roof trim corner with the groove kit into the roof and screw it in place with our special roof trim screws . Please note: these are not self-drilling.

Step 3: Install the roof trim

Now it is time to install the roof trims. You also need to pre-drill this. We recommend using 9 roof trim screws per length (2500mm).

Step 3.1: Using couplings

We use connecting pieces to connect the corners and the roof trims to each other. These are supplied free of charge at Rooftopshop for every length and angle (inside or outside corner).

If you are going to cut lengths, you will need to order additional coupling pieces. This is possible from as little as 0.99.

Step 3.2: Check the length

Check the length of the roof trim carefully. If necessary, cut this to size using a hacksaw.

Note:Make sure you have 2 corners crossed at the end. Then lifting for placing the last part will be easier.

Step 3.3: The implementation

You should have placed the first corner! Now you can start with the complete installation of the roof trims.

  1. Place half of the coupling plate in the corner until it can go no further
  2. Apply a long bead of Polymer kit per piece of roof trim
  3. Press the roof trim firmly onto the roof and connect it to the first coupling piece
  4. Screw the roof trims with the corresponding screws
  5. Wait with the last 2 corners (crosswise) until the last connecting pieces have been pushed into the roof trims. The roof trim/corner must be lifted, otherwise you will not be able to slide the roof trim over the coupling piece
  6. Screw everything in completely (9 screws per length, 4 per corner)

Service & Support

We hope this will help you on your way to installing roof trims. If you have any questions after reading this manual, our specialists are ready to help you. Contact us without obligation.

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