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Installing EPDM roofing is a job that in most cases can easily be done yourself. Do you want to know how you can do this? Rooftopshop takes you step by step through this installation manual.


Materials Tools
EPDM roofing Pressure roller
EPDM glue Snap-knife or scissors
EPDM city or bottom spout Paint tray
MS Polymer kit Coat roller

Preparation for applying EPDM roofing

Before you start applying EPDM roofing, good preparation is necessary. It is important to know that this roof covering can be glued to almost all surfaces, such as wood, PIR insulation with aluminum cladding, concrete, zinc, but also over bitumen. It is suitable for flat and slightly sloping roofs.

Important steps in preparation:

  1. Clean the surface of dust, dirt, moisture, sharp parts, grease and other materials that could damage the roof covering.
  2. Fold or roll out the roof covering, making sure that the EPDM lies well over the raised edges of the roof.
  3. Then let the rolled out foil rest for about 30 to 60 minutes. Any folds will disappear for a tighter end result.
  4. Turn the long side of the roof covering back about 30 to 50 centimeters on both sides.
  5. Fold the short side back as well, but do so until the roof is half 'open'.

Apply EPDM roofing

Now that you have made the right preparation, it is time to apply the roof covering. We do this by gluing. Before we go through these steps, it is important to choose the right EPDM adhesive .

What glue do I need for application?

Rooftopshop basically has two types of adhesive: EPDM contact adhesive and EPDM bottom adhesive, both with their own properties and advantages.

You can use EPDM contact adhesive for almost all surfaces. It is important to know that there is double bonding. The glue must be applied to the surface and to the underside of your EPDM foil, you wait until both sides are touch dry and then it is stuck almost immediately.

EPDM floor adhesive is especially suitable for wooden surfaces. This can be glued on one side (only on the surface). An additional advantage is that it is not stuck in one go, so you can make minor corrections up to 30 minutes after application. Bottom glue is not suitable for the edges. That is why you will always have to order additional contact adhesive for the edges.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the adhesives, follow the steps below for applying EPDM roofing:

  1. Take the glue of your choice, fill the paint tray with the glue and use the fleece roller to roll the glue onto the roof surface.
  2. Start in the middle (where you folded the EPDM foil ). Roll from the center to the sides. Tip: always do pieces of one meter.
  3. Once you have glued the surface (and, in the case of contact adhesive, also the underside of the foil), roll the EPDM roofing onto the surface. Please note: with contact adhesive you must first wait until both sides are touch dry before applying them to each other. With bottom glue this can be done almost immediately.
  4. Then glue in the next meter and then apply the roof covering to the surface again. Continue until you reach the end of the roof.
  5. Now go back to the other side of the roof and roll the piece of roofing that is not yet attached all the way back to the center.
  6. Repeat the above steps until you have also completely processed the other side of the roof.

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