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EPDM city outlet: Integration into your EPDM roof

When installing EPDM roofing, it is essential to take the drainage of rainwater into account. In this article we show you how to install an EPDM city outlet in your EPDM roof.

Good rainwater drainage is indispensable

To prevent water from remaining on your flat roof and to prevent possible problems such as leaks, it is important to ensure proper drainage of rainwater. A rainwater drain with bottom outlet, also known as an EPDM city outlet , is the perfect solution for this. By using a city outlet, no water remains on the roof. The EPDM foil itself is very maintenance-friendly, and in combination with efficient rainwater drainage, you do not have to worry about your roof.

Different types of EPDM city outlet

There are different types of EPDM city outlets available, where the diameter plays an important role in making the right choice. In general, the larger the roof surface, the larger the diameter of the rainwater drainage must be. You can use the following guidelines:

  • For a roof area of ​​up to 45 square meters, a minimum diameter of 60 mm is required.
  • For a roof area between 45 and 65 square meters, a minimum diameter of 70 mm is required.
  • For a roof area between 65 and 90 square meters, a minimum diameter of 80 mm is required.
  • For a roof area larger than 90 square meters, a minimum diameter of 100 mm is required.

With the right choice for an EPDM city outlet, you can enjoy your EPDM roofing for more than 50 years.

Installing an EPDM city outlet

Installing a city spout is a simple process. Follow the steps below to install the EPDM city outlet watertight in your roof:

  1. Mark the location where you want to place the EPDM city outlet.
  2. Remove some of the excess EPDM foil , making a smaller opening than the actual diameter of the city outlet.
  3. Place the EPDM city spout in the hole made. The elastic EPDM foil makes it easy to push the city spout through the hole.
  4. Mark exactly where the EPDM collar will be located on the roof edge after installation.
  5. Fold back the EPDM collar and apply special EPDM sealant to the roof edge, within the marked area.
  6. Press the EPDM collar firmly onto the sealant using a pressure roller so that it is firmly seated.
  7. Apply additional sealant under the edges of the EPDM collar and

    also press it firmly with the pressure roller. Check that no sealant is coming out from under the collar, this indicates that the collar is fully glued and provides a watertight seal.

    This way you can easily and effectively integrate an EPDM city outlet into your roof. Make sure you follow the steps carefully to ensure a good seal and ensure that rainwater drains efficiently. This way you can enjoy a well-protected and durable EPDM roof.

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