Amerikaans EPDM vs Europees EPDM

In this article we will explain the differences between the EPDM types. We make a distinction between American EPDM and European EPDM. These species look very similar, but they are certainly different. Let's get started right away!

Production process & structure

The distinction between American and European EPDM starts with the production process. After the calendering process (rolling out into webs), American EPDM undergoes a treatment with talc to prevent adhesion. On the other hand, European EPDM is provided with a textile cloth after calendering.

The result is a smoother surface for American EPDM with talcum powder residue, while European EPDM has a talc-free surface with tiny bumps through the textile cloth.

  • American EPDM is smooth
  • European EPDM has a light structure

Due to the short production process, American EPDM is cheaper than the European variant.

The big difference

The biggest difference between European and American EPDM lies in the hot bonding process. European EPDM can be hot bonded, a technique to create seamless welds. This is not possible with American EPDM, because it is rolled together during the production process while it is still liquid.

This has important implications for the waterproofing of the roof. Although American EPDM is less likely to leak due to the manufacturing process, it requires tape at any seams to make correct seam connections.

In addition, the entire roof surface of American EPDM must be glued with contact adhesive and/or bottom glue , while European EPDM is partly glued with standard polyurethane glue or bottom glue (single-sided) and the edges with contact glue . This means that corrections after installation are still possible with European EPDM, while with American EPDM "fixed" is really fixed.

Properties European EPDM

  • Durability and Resistance:

European EPDM is known for its excellent durability and resistance to various weather conditions. It retains elasticity and integrity even after exposure to extreme temperatures and UV radiation for many years.

  • Environmental friendliness:

European EPDM is environmentally friendly, produced using an energy-efficient process and fully recyclable. This makes it a sustainable choice for those who value environmental awareness.

  • Easy Installation:

    The material is relatively easy to install yourself, which can reduce installation costs. Its flexibility makes it suitable for various roof shapes, making it preferred by some contractors and roofers.

    Properties American EPDM

    • Strength and Flexibility:

    American EPDM is known for its exceptional strength and flexibility. It adapts to building movements without showing cracks or cracks, making it ideal for all applications.

    • Heat resistance:

    This type of EPDM has excellent heat resistance, meaning it can withstand high temperatures without loss of performance. It is suitable for areas with very hot summers.

    • Long lifespan:

    American EPDM has a long lifespan and can last for decades without significant wear and tear, minimizing the need for frequent replacement and maintenance.

    The final choice

    Ultimately, the choice between American and European EPDM depends on the specific requirements of the project. If durability, heat resistance, and a smooth surface are of great importance, American EPDM seems to be preferred.

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