Het verschil tussen contactlijm en bodemlijm


Installing EPDM is a commonly used method for waterproofing roofs and other construction applications. When working with EPDM, choosing the right adhesive is crucial for a durable and effective installation. Two common types of adhesive used when installing EPDM foil are contact adhesive and bottom adhesive. Although both types of adhesive are used, it is important to understand the difference between contact adhesive and bottom adhesive to make the best choice for mounting EPDM. In this blog we discuss the difference between contact adhesive and bottom adhesive when installing EPDM and what factors you should consider.

Contact adhesive when mounting EPDM:

Contact adhesive is a commonly used type of adhesive when installing EPDM roofing . It is a solvent-based adhesive that is applied to both the EPDM membrane and the roof surface. The special thing about contact adhesive is that both surfaces must be covered with adhesive and then allowed to dry before being bonded together. Once the adhesive has dried, the EPDM and roof surface can be joined together. Contact adhesive provides a strong bond and ensures that the EPDM membrane remains firmly in place, even under the influence of wind and temperature fluctuations.

Bottom adhesive when mounting EPDM:

Bottom adhesive, also known as construction adhesive, is also used when installing EPDM. Unlike contact adhesive, bottom adhesive is only applied to the roof surface. The EPDM membrane is then pressed onto the still wet adhesive. Bottom glue is a thick, viscous glue that dries and hardens slowly. It provides excellent structural adhesion and is ideal for mounting EPDM on various surfaces, such as wood, concrete or metal.

Important considerations when choosing the right adhesive for mounting EPDM

When choosing the right EPDM Glue and EPDM Kit, it is wise to take the following components into account:

Substrate: The choice between contact adhesive and bottom adhesive partly depends on the type of substrate on which the EPDM is mounted. Some substrates may have better adhesion with contact adhesive, while others respond better to substrate adhesive.

Weather conditions: It is important to take weather conditions into account during installation. Contact adhesive generally has a faster drying time and is therefore more suitable at colder temperatures. Bottom glue may take longer to completely dry and harden.

Installation technique: The installation technique can also influence the choice between contact adhesive and bottom adhesive. Some installers prefer contact adhesive for its faster bonding and ease of installation. Others prefer bottom glue because of its stronger structural bond.


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