Hoelang moet EPDM (Lijm) drogen?

The time that EPDM (glue) needs to dry depends on the weather and the type of glue used. In this blog we explain the differences in drying time . We explain this using bottom glue & contact glue.

Drying time of bottom glue:

  1. Drying time: Bottom glue usually has a stated drying time. This is the time required before the EPDM membrane is placed on the substrate after the bottom adhesive has been applied. This can vary, but typically the drying time of bottom glue is between 10 minutes and 60 minutes for single-sided bonding to wood.

  2. Walkability: After the EPDM membrane has been installed, it can be walked on within a certain time, often within 24 hours. However, it has not yet fully hardened.

  3. Complete curing: It usually takes several days to several weeks for bottom adhesive to fully harden and the EPDM membrane to fully stabilize.

Drying time of contact adhesive:

  1. Drying time: EPDM contact adhesive bonds immediately when the bonded surfaces touch each other. The exact time may vary, but it is a fast bond, usually within a few minutes the contact adhesive has dried with double-sided bonding.

  2. Walkability: The EPDM membrane can be walked on almost immediately after applying contact adhesive.

  3. Complete curing: Although contact adhesive bonds quickly, it takes several days to several weeks before it is fully cured and the EPDM membrane is fully stabilized.

In our blog about the differences between contact adhesive and bottom adhesive when applying EPDM roofing, we go into the differences in more detail.

The glue did not stick well

There may be several reasons for this phenomenon, but the use of EPDM adhesive is particularly critical at lower temperatures. The surface temperature, humidity and dryness of the subsurface play a crucial role. It is essential that contact adhesive is applied to a dry surface. With sprayable contact adhesives, condensation can also form on the adhesive at high humidity, resulting in suboptimal adhesion to the membrane.

Final conclusion

Following the manufacturer's specific instructions and considering environmental factors such as temperature and humidity are crucial for a successful installation. With a good understanding of drying times, you can get started with confidence and enjoy the benefits of a waterproof, reliable EPDM roof .


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