Wat is Kimfixatie en wanneer pas je het toe op EPDM daken?

Use roof fixation with EPDM roofing? In this blog we explain everything about the applications and what you use it for. After reading you will know exactly what the purpose of bilge fixation is.

What is bilge fixation?

An EPDM bilge fixation is in fact a strip of EPDM that is usually mechanically anchored in the corners of the roof. The strip absorbs extra tensile forces.

Kimbing fixation with EPDM roofing refers to the method in which the EPDM membrane is attached to the kim (the transition between the horizontal and vertical surfaces of a roof). In other words, you need to apply bilge fixation to the (raising) edges and corners.

When does Rooftopshop recommend bilge fixation?

Bilge fixation is not important for everyone, except in specific circumstances. One such condition is the transition between the horizontal and vertical surfaces of a roof. In these areas the risk of loosening is greater, and therefore the use of EPDM bilge fixation is strongly recommended to ensure reliable watertightness.

Another situation in which ceiling fixation becomes relevant is on roofs covering an area of ​​more than 100 square meters . By carefully attaching the EPDM membrane to the bilge, a strong and watertight seal is created, which is especially important to prevent potential leaks on roofs with an extensive surface area.


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