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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 products
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Doe-het-zelf Daktrim 57x45
Do-it-yourself roof trim EPDM 57x45
Sale priceFrom 15,40 Regular price19,26
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daktrim 35x35 aluminium
Roof trim 35x35
Sale priceFrom 9,12
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Daktrim 45x45 aluminium
Roof trim 45x45
Sale priceFrom 8,73 Regular price11,64
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Daktrim 60x64 aluminium
Roof trim 60x64
Sale priceFrom 13,16 Regular price17,55
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daktrim 80x64 aluminium
Roof trim 80x64
Sale priceFrom 19,41
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Daktrim 90x64 aluminium
Roof trim 90x64
Sale priceFrom 21,13
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daktrim 110x64 aluminium
Roof trim 110x64
Sale priceFrom 22,73
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daktrim 150x70 aluminium
Roof trim 150x70
Sale priceFrom 66,34
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daktrim 200x70 aluminium
Roof trim 200x70
Sale priceFrom 85,58
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daktrim 250x70 aluminium
Roof trim 250x70
Sale priceFrom 99,87
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kraaltrim 27x40 aluminium
Bead trim 27x40
Sale priceFrom 27,96
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kraaltrim 38x43 aluminium
Bead trim 38x43
Sale priceFrom 34,12
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kraaltrim 45x48 aluminium
Bead trim 45x48
Sale priceFrom 46,43
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kraaltrim 60x48 aluminium
Bead trim 60x48
Sale priceFrom 54,40
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Anti-burglary roof trim 55/40X70
Anti-burglary roof trim 55/40X70
Sale priceFrom 54,95
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Roof trim EPDM 45x47
Roof trim EPDM 45x47
Sale priceFrom 47,32
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Roof trim EPDM 60x47
Roof trim EPDM 60x47
Sale priceFrom 47,81
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daktrim 80x47 EPDM
Roof trim EPDM 80x47
Sale priceFrom 52,70
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Daktrim EPDM 100x47
Roof trim EPDM 100x47
Sale priceFrom 59,14
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Kraaltrim EPDM 45x58
Bead trim EPDM 45x58
Sale priceFrom 57,68
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Bead trim EPDM 60x58
Sale priceFrom 63,92
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Renovation trim 45
Sale priceFrom 24,36
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Renovation trim 60
Renovation trim 60
Sale priceFrom 32,95
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What is a roof trim intended for?

An aluminum roof trim ensures a perfect roof edge finish. A roof edge profile is important to protect your roof against rain, for example. An eaves profile also ensures that insects and birds cannot settle in the roof. This means that the vulnerable areas remain well protected. Good trim is therefore very important to extend the life of your roof. Do you need more information about installing a roof edge profile? Our enthusiastic customer service is happy to assist you.

Roof trimming from Rooftopshop

Order your roof edge profiles now at We supply aluminum roof edge profiles at competitive prices. In addition to the usual trim, we also have bead trim in various sizes in our range. A bead trim is a trim in which the vertical visible surface is not straight, but runs in a curve. On the Rooftopshop website you will find a wide range of roof edge profiles. In this range you will not only find your ideal roof edge profile, but also all kinds of products to attach your aluminum roof edge profile. View our categories here:

In short, we have everything you need to install your roof edge profile. We also have excellent products for more complex jobs. Take a quick look at our range to find the roof trim that suits your job.

Roof trim inner corners and outer corners from Rooftopshop

To give the corners of the roof a nice finish, there are the roof trim exterior corners from Rooftopshop. In our range we have roof trim corners at an angle of 90 degrees and the legs of the corner are 50 centimeters long. For the roof trim length that Rooftopshop has in its range, both internal and external corners are available.

roof trim inner corners and outer corners explanation

How do you install a universal roof trim?

Roof trims must be secured with special screws with neoprene ring and MS Polymer kit. These screws have a rubber ring, which ensures that your trim remains waterproof. You can connect two trims together using a coupling piece. We recommend first placing a layer of MS Polymer kit on the edge of the roof and then pressing the roof edge profile into the kit. You slide the connecting plate through the trim and then slide the other part of the trim over it.

How do you install an EPDM roof trim?

EPDM roof trims can be mounted on EPDM foil , PVC and TPO roof coverings. These roof edge profiles are provided with a strip of crown tape rubber. This results in a perfect watertight seal between the trim and the roof covering. With an EPDM roof trim it is therefore not necessary to attach the trim with polymer kit. With the EPDM roof trim you will receive sufficient screws with neoprene ring and a coupling piece. We have also written an installation manual for roof trimming so that you can get started right away.

How do I install a Do-It-Yourself roof trim?

The Do-It-Yourself roof trim from Rooftopshop is very easy to install. A gutter runs along the entire length under the roof trim. This is intended to be provided with a creasing kit. This will help you stick the roof trim to the roof. You also need to screw it on (screws with neoprene ring). There is a thin line on the horizontal surface, so you know exactly where to mount the screws. Service

We offer what you need in the Rooftopshop webshop. We offer personal assistance and ensure that you always receive answers to all your questions within 24 hours. Contact us by telephone during working days between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. We can be reached on 085 - 060 6 49. You can also always send an email to; we will then contact you as soon as possible. If you order a roof edge profile from our webshop, you can expect the following benefits:

  • All amounts include VAT
  • A-quality products
  • Perfect price-quality ratio
  • Top service

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