Welcome to our History page!

Here we tell you how we became what we are today. From the beginning until now, we take you through our adventures, obstacles and victories, and show you the values ​​that guide us. We would like to share all our most important history moments with you below!

2020 - Establishment

On January 1, 2020, Rooftopshop.nl took its first digital steps, marking the start of a new chapter in our adventure. Now, 4 years later, it is time to look back at the exciting journey that has shaped us into the dynamic platform we are today.

As the digital world evolved, Rooftopshop.nl evolved along with it. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remained constant, but we also added new features. At the same time, we were continuously expanding our range and listening to the feedback from our valued customers.

In these 4 years we have not only achieved digital milestones, but we have also strengthened our local community. Sports clubs were sponsored, social initiatives were supported, and we worked to have a positive impact. This community involvement remains an integral part of who we are. View our current sponsorships .

2021 - Rooftop shop gets bigger

The year 2021 marked a remarkable period for Rooftopshop, in which we not only grew, but also broadened our horizons. This has been a time of inspiration and dedication to expanding our offering and improving the shopping experience.

It was a year of growth, both in terms of product offering and in strengthening ties with our community. We built new relationships and learned every day from the experiences our customers shared with us.

2022 - New sponsor HCSC

Rooftopshop is a company known for its commitment to quality, innovation and community involvement. With shared values ​​and passion for success, we look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will benefit not only HCSC, but also the players, fans and the local community.

2023 - New design Webshop

In 2023, Rooftopshop underwent a remarkable transformation with the launch of our all-new webshop design. This milestone marked an important chapter in our continued commitment to providing a seamless and engaging shopping experience for our valued customers.

The new design is simpler and more convenient, allowing you to browse our range effortlessly. Not only have we worked on the outside, but we have also made some adjustments behind the scenes to ensure that everything works faster and smoother.

With new features, such as personal recommendations and a better search function, we want to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. We invite you to discover for yourself how the new design improves your shopping experience.

2023 - December - Live in Belgium

In December 2023, we will take a big step at Rooftopshop by officially launching our webshop live in Belgium! This expansion marks an exciting chapter in our commitment to providing high-quality products and an excellent shopping experience on Rooftopshop.be .

Rooftopshop looks forward to building new relationships and delivering the quality that characterizes us to our new Belgian customers. Thank you for your warm welcome, Belgium!

2024 - More online activities

In 2024 we will commit to keeping you more regularly informed of the latest news, product updates and special offers.

Of course, we are not going to email you every day. We only send an email a maximum of twice a month with:

- Valuable information about products
- Exclusive benefits for you
- The latest Tips & Tricks

We will further expand our presence on social media. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for tips, competitions and the latest news.

2024 - New label EPDMLand.nl

The year 2024 marks a milestone in the history of Rooftopshop with the launch of our new label: EPDMLand.nl. This exciting initiative represents a fresh step forward in our commitment to innovation and diversity.

With the launch of EPDMLand.nl, we look forward to meeting our customers' expectations even better and discovering new possibilities. It's a new era for Rooftopshop, and we're excited to have you part of this exciting journey.

2024 - January - Live in Germany

In January 2024, we at Rooftopshop will take an important step in our international expansion by officially going live in Germany!

With the launch in Germany, we not only want to supply products, but also build relationships and have a positive impact in everyone's daily lives. Check us out at Rooftopshop.de .