Rooftopshop sells different types of roof trims. On this page we explain which roof trim is suitable for you. In addition to the many types of roof trims, we also sell various sizes. View our complete range to make the best choice for your roof!

Do-It-Yourself roof trim

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to give your roof the perfect finish? Then choose the specially designed roof trim from Rooftopshop . Can be used on EPDM only .

With this innovative roof finishing solution you ensure that your roof is not only protected, but also looks neat and tidy.

Discover this roof trim

Roof trim Universal

The universal roof trim can be used on bitumen and EPDM roofs.

On a bitumen roof, the roof covering is attached over the horizontal ribbed focal surface before installation.

With an EPDM roof, you install the roof trim by gluing it on. You use MS Polymer kit to glue the bottom of the horizontal ribbed surface to the roof covering. In addition, the roof trims must be screwed to the roof with roof trim screws . We recommend nine screws per roof trim and four screws per corner. It is advisable to pre-drill the roof trims before installation.

Roof trim EPDM

The roof trims for EPDM are specially made for EPDM (and also PVC and TPO) roofs. The roof trims are equipped with a glued-on strip of crown tape rubber for a watertight connection to the roof covering. The roof trims are supplied pre-drilled with sufficient screws with waterproof washers. The use of sealant is not necessary.

EPDM Roof Trimming

Bead trimming

A bead trim is a roof trim where the vertical visible surface is not straight, but runs in a curve. This gives you a round roof edge finish. Most people choose this for a graceful effect.

Just like 'normal' roof trims, the bead trims are available as a universal variant and a variant for EPDM .

Featured roof trims

Save 25%
Doe-het-zelf Daktrim 57x45
Do-it-yourself roof trim EPDM 57x45
Sale priceFrom 15,40 Regular price19,26
daktrim 35x35 aluminium
Roof trim 35x35
Sale priceFrom 9,12
Save 25%
Daktrim 45x45 aluminium
Roof trim 45x45
Sale priceFrom 8,73 Regular price11,64
Save 25%
Daktrim 60x64 aluminium
Roof trim 60x64
Sale priceFrom 13,16 Regular price17,55
daktrim 80x64 aluminium
Roof trim 80x64
Sale priceFrom 19,41
Daktrim 90x64 aluminium
Roof trim 90x64
Sale priceFrom 21,13
daktrim 110x64 aluminium
Roof trim 110x64
Sale priceFrom 22,73
daktrim 150x70 aluminium
Roof trim 150x70
Sale priceFrom 66,34
daktrim 200x70 aluminium
Roof trim 200x70
Sale priceFrom 85,58
daktrim 250x70 aluminium
Roof trim 250x70
Sale priceFrom 99,87
kraaltrim 27x40 aluminium
Bead trim 27x40
Sale priceFrom 27,96
kraaltrim 38x43 aluminium
Bead trim 38x43
Sale priceFrom 34,12