Roof trim Black (RAL9005)

Size: 35x35
Choice: Length (2500mm)
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Why a black roof trim?

With the black roof trim from Rooftopshop you can give the edges of a flat roof or slightly sloping roof a sleek and neat finish. A roof edge profile is important to protect your roof against different weather conditions. For a waterproof finish, use MS Polymer kit and screws with neoprene ring to mount your roof trims on your roof.

How do you install a roof trim?

If you use special EPDM roof trims, you do not use MS Polymer kit because the roof edge profile contains a strip of crown tape rubber. These roof trims are also pre-drilled, so you can easily drill them onto your roof edge. Click here for our range of special EPDM roof trims. Would you like more information about installing a roof edge profile? Please feel free to contact our customer service .

Roof trim black from Rooftopshop

Buy your black roof trim now at Rooftopshop. We supply roof trims at reasonable prices. In addition to roof trimming, we also have bead trimming in our range. With a bead trim, the vertical visible surface is not straight, but is rounded. At Rooftopshop you will not only find your perfect roof edge profile, but also a wide variety of products to apply your roof trim. View our categories here:

All in all, you can say that we have everything you need to finish your roof neatly. We also have the perfect products for the more complicated jobs. Take a quick look at our range to find the roof trim that suits your job.

Eaves profile black inner corners and outer corners

Roof trim black inner corners and outer corners are used to neatly finish the corners of the roof. Rooftopshop has roof trim corners at an angle of 90 degrees measuring 40 by 40 centimeters. For each type of black roof trim that we have in our range, corresponding inner corners and outer corners are available.

roof trim inside corners and outside corners

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