Roof trim screw stainless steel with neoprene ring 4.5 x 40mm - different colours

Contents: 100 pieces
Finish: Brute / Aluminum
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What is a roof trim screw?

Roof trim screws are screws that have a neoprene ring so that water cannot run past the screw. If you use screws with a neoprene ring, water cannot reach the EPDM roofing through the screw hole, which greatly reduces the risk of leakage.

How does a roof trim screw work?

You can easily screw the screw into the roof trim and this makes it a lot more waterproof. The EPDM ring (neoprene ring) makes the screw suitable for use in direct sunlight. The screws are made of stainless steel which will prevent corrosion on the roof. Corrosion can lead to leakage in the long term, but you can combat this with our stainless steel roof trim screw.

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