EPDM Bottom Adhesive (3 sizes)

Contents: 2.5 liters (± 10m2)
Incl. Glue set complete: No
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EPDM bottom adhesive provides exceptional adhesion for EPDM membranes. It creates a sturdy, long-lasting bond that can withstand rain, wind and temperature fluctuations. You can rest assured that your EPDM seals will remain safe and watertight.

Specially Designed for EPDM

Unlike general adhesives, EPDM base adhesive is specifically designed to perform optimally with EPDM materials. It ensures a seamless and reliable connection, without damage to the rubber membrane.

Simple Application

The use of EPDM bottom adhesive is simple and efficient. You can apply it with a brush, roller or spray gun depending on your project needs. This makes the installation of EPDM membranes a hassle-free experience.

Watertight Security

The adhesion provided by EPDM bottom adhesive guarantees watertight security. It prevents leaks and keeps moisture out, keeping your EPDM roof or waterproofing reliably protected.

EPDM Bottom Glue, very cost effective

Using EPDM bottom adhesive is cost-effective because it extends the life of your EPDM membranes. You don't have to worry about expensive repairs or replacements in the short term. In short, EPDM bottom adhesive is the perfect choice to fully utilize the benefits of EPDM materials. It provides the adhesion, durability and waterproof properties required for successful EPDM projects. Invest in EPDM bottom adhesive and experience the peace of mind of a waterproof and long-lasting solution for all your EPDM applications.