EPDM Roofing, 1.14mm thickness - Fire resistant

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EPDM foil: Always a good solution

EPDM foil offers the solution for those looking for new roofing. Whether you are dealing with an old leaking roof or are working on a completely new roof, with our materials you can easily make every job a success. Repairing or replacing a roof becomes an effortless job with our custom-made EPDM roof foil.

EPDM Package all-in-one – Choose convenience

Are you unsure about the required amount of EPDM glue and sealant ? Then choose an affordable complete package. Our complete EPDM packages contain sufficient glue, sealant and an EPDM rainwater drain of your choice. The packages are extremely useful because they not only contain all the necessary materials but also an extensive tool set. Easily choose from various width sizes.

Custom EPDM foil from Rooftopshop

At Rooftopshop you can buy EPDM roofing that is tailor-made. The EPDM foil is available in 12 different widths. We can cut this for you to any desired length. Our high-quality roofing materials will be delivered within just a few working days. Whether you are building a garden house, veranda, garage, extension or industrial hall, we have the suitable tailor-made EPDM roof film for every type of roof.

American quality roofing film

In contrast to European EPDM, this EPDM rubber foil is of American quality. This means that it has a smooth structure, but also has the unique feature that it contains less talcum powder than other American EPDM variants. The smooth structure of the foil makes it easy to process and the lesser talcum powder gives a clean result. Very nice if you want to complete your project quickly and easily. Our roofing, suitable for both do-it-yourselfers and specialists, guarantees quality and easy installation.

Years of warranty on your EPDM roof foil

At Rooftopshop it is not just about the price, but especially about the quality of all our items. We guarantee problem-free enjoyment of your EPDM roof for decades. When purchasing, you will receive a clear Dutch manual and videos for step-by-step installation. Do you have questions before or during processing? Rooftopshop is ready for you. Make your roof a sustainable and reliable project with our high-quality EPDM roofing.

Which roofs are suitable for?

EPDM rubber foil is suitable for various types of roofs and is widely used in the construction sector due to its durability and waterproof properties. Here are some of the most common applications of EPDM membrane on different types of roofs:

  1. Flat roofs: EPDM is popular for flat roofs because of its excellent water resistance and flexibility.

  2. Sloped roofs: EPDM roofing membrane can also be used on sloping roofs, although it is less common than on flat roofs.

  3. Green roofs: EPDM rubber foil is suitable for green roof systems, where plants and vegetation are placed on the roof.

  4. Renovation Projects: EPDM is a popular choice for renovation projects due to its ease of installation and ability to be laid over existing roof coverings, reducing the need for complete removal.

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