EPDM bottom spout - 40mm to 125mm

Diameter: 40mm
Incl. Polymer kit: No
Incl. Ball wire grid: No
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The EPDM bottom spout acts as a drainage channel for rainwater, meltwater or other liquids that collect on the roof. It is designed to drain water safely and efficiently, preventing damage to the roof and surrounding structures.

The bottom spout usually consists of a tubular piece of EPDM rubber that fits seamlessly with the waterproofing membrane on the roof. The rubber material provides flexibility and elasticity, allowing it to expand and contract with temperature changes and building movements without causing cracks or leaks.

A properly installed EPDM underspout ensures effective drainage of water and prevents it from accumulating on the roof surface. This is especially important to prevent water damage, leaks and structural problems. In addition, EPDM is resistant to various weather conditions, such as UV radiation, extreme temperatures and chemicals, making it a sustainable choice for roofing applications.

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